Financial Year     


Financial Year : 2020-21

Project ID Project Despription / Activity Name Sector Name Cost/Budget
(Rs. in Lakh)
Amount Spent
(Rs. in Lakh)
Spent through Project Status
ECL/CSR/629 Supporting 100 Ekal Vidyalayas in Rural & Tribal areas in West Bengal. Education 22.00 8.80 Bharat Lok Shiksha Parisad Ongoing
ECL/CSR/631 Skill Development Training Program supported by CIL-HQ /CIL subsidiaries at Central Institute of Plastic Engineering Skill Development 294.00 44.10 Central Institute of Petrochemical Engineering Ongoing
ECL/CSR/603 Installation of Rig Borewell at 8 villages of Salanpur Block. Water Supply 39.20 38.71 BDO Salanpur Block Completed
ECL/CSR/624 Providing Computers to Govt. Schools nearby Sonepur Bazari Area Education 15.60 12.29 District Education Office, Paschim Bardhman Completed
ECL/CSR/622 To engage 02 nos of Generator for 180 days to Dictrict Authority, Godda, in view of the Situation arose due to COVID-19 Health 1.44 0.00 D.C, Godda, Jharkhand Ongoing
ECL/CSR/565 Installation of Water Cooler-cum- Purifier at various Schools in and around ECL (HQ) Water Supply 6.30 4.41 Sanctoria Village Samity Ongoing
ECL/CSR/625 Support to make Quarantine Centre and provide 200 Thermo-scanners at Godda, Jharkhand Health 4.65 0.00 D.C, Godda, Jharkhand Ongoing
ECL/CSR/616 Providing Tarpaulins to the villagers effected due to Amphan Cyclone Under CSR Activities of Sonepur Bazari Area Disaster Relief 0.87 0.85 Directly Completed
ECL/CSR/595 Installation of Dustbins at 14 Railways Station in raniganj Coalfields Region by Eastern Railways under CSR of ECL Sanitation 16.00 12.00 Eastern Railways Ongoing
ECL/CSR/611 Relief and Restoration work at Kolkata affected due to Amphan Cyclon. Disaster Relief 7.60 7.60 National Coalfield forum Completed
ECL/CSR/617B Providing 1600 food/water to Migrant labour coming from Shramik Specials at Asansol Station. Health 0.99 0.96 Directly Completed
ECL/CSR/617A Providing 3200 food/water to Migrant labour coming from Shramik Specials at Asansol Station. Health 1.98 1.92 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/26 Providing fund to DC Deoghar to fight COVID-19. Health 6.98 6.98 D.C Deoghar Completed
ECL/CSR/576 Construction of New School Builing for Baratar Vivekananda Sishu Mandir, Baratar, Purulia. Education 99.22 65.00 Vivekananda Vidyavikash Parisad Ongoing
ECL/COV/25 Procurement of 477 food packets to be distributed amongst the weaker section of the society. Health 1.05 0.18 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/24 Providing fund for purchase of 1000 nos. of reusable mask for manual loaders. Health 0.20 0.20 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/23 Distribution of 100 food grain packets and sanitization through Tanker in local villages adjacent to the collieries under Mugma Area. Health 1.22 1.22 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/21 Taking humanitarian actions to fight COVID-19 within community. Health 3.00 3.00 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/22 Distribution of ration among the needy people in Jamtara District. Health 3.12 3.12 D.C, Jamtara Completed
ECL/COV/20 Additional sanction to tackle the situation of COVID-19 as per requisition of MLA, Sarath, Deoghar Health 5.20 5.20 D.C Deoghar Completed
ECL/COV/19 Supply of food items to the poor people in and around Bankola Area. Health 5.00 5.00 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/18 Community Kitchen for poor families surrounding Salanpur Area Mines during lockdown & livelihood situation arises due COVID-19 . Health 2.17 2.00 Tender by Area Completed
ECL/COV/16 Distribution of 200 quintals Rice among needy poor people to fight against COVID-19., Chitra, Deoghar. Health 5.20 5.20 D.C Deoghar Completed
ECL/COV/17 Distribution of food packets and cooked food in the surrounding villages of Kenda. Health 2.01 0.86 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/15 Procurement and distribution of food packets to poor people at Jhanjra. Health 1.42 1.36 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/11 Distribution of grocery and other materials to vilagers and needy persons in and around of Sripur Area. Health 4.84 4.84 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/12 Taking Humanitarian actions in fight to COVID-19 Pandemic in Sodepur Area. Health 5.00 4.99 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/13 Providing CSR fund to D.C Dumka to fight COVID-19 Disaster in Basukinath, Dumka. Health 6.52 6.52 D.C Dumka Completed
ECL/COV/14 Food packet distribution among poor families surrounding Satgram and its Collieries. Health 5.00 4.44 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/05 Distribution of food items and sanitisation in the surrounding Areas of Kenda Area. Health 2.80 2.37 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/06 Distribution of food items and sanitisation in the surrounding Areas of Pandaveshwar Area. Health 4.80 4.80 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/07 Distribution of food items and sanitisation in the surrounding Areas of Kunustoria Area Health 3.94 3.94 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/08 Distribution of food items and sanitisation in the surrounding Areas of Kajora Project Health 4.75 4.75 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/09 Food packet distribution among poor families surrounding Salanpur Area in fight to COVID-19 Pandemic Health 3.00 2.81 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/10 Taking Humanitarian actions in fight to COVID-19 Pandemic in Sonepur Bazari Area. Health 4.75 4.75 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/04 Purchase of Sanitizing items as a precautionary measure to stop COVID-19 at Jhanjra. Health 3.58 3.08 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/03 Distribution of packed raw food material among needy people around ECL-HQ. Health 1.00 1.00 ECL-HQ Completed
ECL/COV/01 Distributation of 1000 nos. of food grain packets among downtrodden people of society near Mugma Area. Health 3.85 3.85 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/02 Distribution of food packets among poor families surrounding S.P.Mines Area. Health 3.94 3.84 Directly Completed
ECL/CSR/606 Distributaion of food items to the weaker section of society in the surrounding Areas of Rajmahal Project. Health 4.40 4.58 Directly Completed
ECL/CSR/523 Construction of additional class room at Nuni Upper Primary School Education 9.86 6.69 Directly Completed
ECL/CSR/548 Construction of one classroom in Puratanchatti Free Primary school under Itapara, Salanpur. Education 9.95 7.28 Directly Completed
ECL/CSR/525 Construction of main village approach concrete road at Sabapokhar village. Rural Development 21.06 21.00 Directly Completed
ECL/COV/27 To tackle COVID-19 outbreak at the areas of Nagar parisad for Sanitation purpose in Dumka District, Jharkhand Health 7.00 7.00 D.C Dumka Completed
ECL/CSR/539 Livelihood Program for women empowerment in Sanctoria through Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Women Empowerment 0.87 3.70 Barjora Samaj Kalyan Kendra Ongoing
ECL/CSR/1234 Supply of domestic water to 8 nearby villages from Mohanpur water filter, Salanpur. Water Supply 32.51 12.71 Directly Ongoing
ECL/CSR/571 Construction of Multipurpose building at Molanakita village, Godda. Rural Development 140.99 51.97 Directly Ongoing
ECL/CSR/556 Designing a framework of key drivers and performing a Corporate Social Audit for Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives on local development and economic performance in ECL through IIT(ISM), Dhanbad. Admn. Overhead 11.82 11.82 ISM (IIT), Dhanbad Completed
ECL/CSR/573 Construction of 480 metre PCC Road from Namokeshia Kali Mandir to PMSGY. Rural Development 15.42 7.60 BDO Salanpur Block Completed
ECL/CSR/545 Installation of 2 Rig bore well with reservoir in two villages in Barabani Block Water Supply 14.20 1.14 BDO Barabani Block Completed
ECL/CSR/542 Installation of 08 nos. of 16 mtr. high mast tower at 08 different locations of Sarath & Palajori Block of Deoghar District Environment & Sustainibility 21.31 21.31 Directly Completed
ECL/CSR/610 Supply of drinking water through water tanker in 10 GPs of Salanpur Block. Water Supply 9.77 2.80 Directly Ongoing
ECL/CSR/1237 Skill Training Intervention in Sewing Machine Operator Trade by ATDC, Kunustoria Skill Development 16.09 3.18 ATDC, Ranchi Ongoing
ECL/CSR/399 Sewing Machine Operator Training by Project Apparel Training & Design Centre (ATDC), Rajmahal Skill Development 16.09 10.33 ATDC, Ranchi Completed
ECL/CSR/483 Rennovation of School Building, making functional the existing dysfunctional toilets and installation of submersible pump at Nimjora Free Primary School. Education 4.10 0.30 Directly Completed
ECL/CSR/590 Facilitating 02 Nos. of Trekker or similar type of vehicle for transportation to villagers & school going children for Sonepur Bazari, Madhudanga Village & Bhatmura Village. Education 11.09 1.06 Directly Ongoing
ECL/TISS/284 Construction of 05 class-rooms, culture stage & Cycle shed in Smt. Anarkali+2 High School, Palajori Block, Deoghar. Education 36.39 36.31 Directly Completed
ECL/TISS/424 Livelihood generation for SHG through school uniform tailoring unit at Jemari GP. Skill Development 24.93 5.50 SSRDT ongoing
ECL/CSR/471 Kantha Stitch Skill Training Project Women Empowerment 14.61 4.38 Durgapur Sundaram Society Ongoing
ECL/CSR/518 Electrical Skill Training at ECL Skill Development 18.16 1.74 SSRDP Completed
ECL/CSR/507 Installation of Solar Street Light Projects at different villages in and around command areas of ECL. Raniganj Coalfields excluding Kenda and Sodepur Area. Environment & Sustainibility 316.36 178.89 Trinix Impex Pvt. Ltd Completed
ECL/TISS/441 03 nos. additional hired buses for carrying students of DAV Public Schools, S.P. Mines Area. Education 7.01 6.98 Directly Completed
ECL/CSR/465 Rainbow project for the 50 nos . Special Child (Divyanjan) of Asansol Anandam under CSR of ECL Healthcare (Divyanjan) 24.73 8.67 Asansol Anandam, ALIMCO Completed
ECL/A/00 Operation and maintenance of (ITI, Sikatia, Godda) for academic session 2017-2018 Education 70.00 108.16 Govindpur Sephali Samaj Seba Samiti Ongoing
ECL/A/28 Training of mining sirdar to SC/ST candidates Skill Development 7.00 3.26 Directly Completed
ECL/TISS/356 Installation of Solar LED street light from Mohanpur to Kechua Chowk, Mahagama, Godda. Environment & Sustainibility 30.50 13.13 D.C, Godda, Jharkhand Ongoing
ECL/CSR/243 Mobile Medical Van Services Healthcare 493.82 153.21 HLFPPT & R K HIV AIDS Ongoing
ECL/TISS/111 Construction of school building at Mugma Area (DAV) Education 737.34 168.00 Directly Completed
ECL/CSR/604 Repair, rennovation & restoration of Samudrabandh, Maheshpur and Gangasagar Talab, Mahagama. Rural Development 460.33 5.95 D.C Deoghar Completed
Total Amount Spent (Rs. in Lakh) 1155.58